oh and.

i think there’s going to be a posting of one of the two songs from the split tonight.

oh hey guys.

we officially broke up.

just thought i’d share the news. 

Assuming this wasn’t apparent and overdue, I am sad to announce that i create will be eternally put to rest. (for real) All of the members in this band have moved on to other musical and personal ventures in our lives. I do not want to make this too wordy or lame so I will pretty much leave it like that. Thank you so fucking much to anyone who ever listened to us or found anything in our music that they deemed worthwhile. The times spent creating and sharing the music we all made at any point in this band have been some of the most profound experiences of our lives. 

A last show might happen sometime. The split will hopefully and eventually come out. 

Wesley and Joal are both working on their own shit, together.
Robert is playing bass in A Fight For Life.
Dan (me) moved to New York and is putting together something there.
Everyone else is doing things in other places (Josh plays in The Clap, Matt and Daniel are being productive members of society. Probably)

Good day. Good luck, and this isn’t ever the end.

I was gonna upload I Create - Harbor


But no, its too big. Fuck you, tumblr.

insert large gif

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True Story: My Cat Peed on one of our amps.

Not just one of our amps… it was one of our good amps.

This kinda puts a chink in some timing issues we got going on about writing new stuff and maybe playing a few shows.

Once we get it repaired, we’ll be back in business. I just hope it doesn’t smell like cat piss when we heat up the tubes.

- Dan

What does it matter that nothing is solved? The politics of the few are the death of us all.

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Played 10 times


“Twenty-Twelve” by Great Friend of Mine

So in love with the guitar work in this song.

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I Create - Your Sun Is A Destroyer

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